DeShawn's Story

DeShawn's Picture

“DeShawn came to Place of Hope over a year ago.  Before coming to Place of Hope, he was a rough kid who had been involved in crime and who was the victim of physical abuse. Due to abuse by his mother, DeShawn was removed from his home and brought to Place of Hope. Being involved in a family style home with great cottage parents and great kids and receiving services tailored to his needs has turned DeShawn’s life around. He is no longer that rough kid, but instead a fun loving guy with a goofy smile. Instead of finding him walking the streets, as he did in the past, these days you can find DeShawn on the football field or out on the pier participating in his favorite hobby, fishing. DeShawn has done so well that he recently won Youth of the Year. He has also set his sights on life after high school and is hoping to attend college after he graduates in a few years. Choosing to invest in DeShawn was a life-changing moment for him.”